jan 17 2015

“Wauw”… I don’t speak french. 1.6 milion French in the street! Are we sure they’re not on strike? I don’t blame them, a twelve hour work month, that will push anyone. No really, it’s inspiring. To see millions of Parisiens taking time out of their mandatory month long vacation to participate… Look, we’re united behind France, but if we suddenly start shying away from moking the French with tired stereotypes, the terrorists win. And I will not let that happen.


nov 23 2014


Because memory is what we are, and I think that your very soul and your very reason…to be alive is tied up in memory. Original memories that define our lives and those memories that we spend for ever chasing after.

Those moments when the gears of the heart really change…
It could be some massive traumatic experience that happens. It could be some tiny moment, a fragment of a moment.

jan 13 2013


What gave you the right to misjudge me, and write me off on the wall
Acting as if you understand me, in reality you just don’t know me at all
Sometimes I can’t help but wonder, if this was how it’s meant to be
But if you search deep enough in your soul, you’ll always find a slight reminder of me

Al bijna 20 jaar… en nu toch ook pas leren dat het Andre3000 is.
TLC – Sumthin’ Wicked This Way Comes

jul 30 2010

Ik hou er van om te communiceren met andermans woorden. Veelal gaat me dat makkelijker af dan het zoeken naar mijn eigen woorden. En wat zijn eigen woorden, is alles niet al gezegd en bedacht?

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apr 11 2010


Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

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