dec 30 2016


Much of the evening is lost to living memory.

En schrijf eens door Patrick Rothfuss. Deel III past perfect in 2017.

mrt 19 2016


Woorden ontsnappen op een overdreven volume aan mijn lippen. Vreselijke woorden. Ziektes. Meerdere. Ontzettend onaardige opmerkingen over hele volksstammen. Verwensingen aan het adres van duizenden, zo niet miljoenen mensen, planten, dieren en alle organismen ertussenin. Als het levensvatbaar is volgens wetenschappelijk aantoonbaar bewijs dan is het zojuist vervloekt.

En dat allemaal om uit te drukken hoe verslagen ik ben.

Dank je wel voor deze verwoording, Pepijn Lanen (uit Naamloos)

feb 14 2015

Your romantic inclinations are not a flaw to be corrected; they’re a trait to be accepted. I know you, Watson.
I know you’ll never be happy within the confines of a “traditional relationship” and I said what I said because it pains me to see you try to fit into one simply because it is the default mode of polite society.

- Well, there is no reason to feel pain, because I’m happy with Andrew.
Or would you be happier without him? Alternatively, with him as an occasional sex partner and confidant? Or with him when he’s in the States and free to pursue other interests when he’s not? There are any number of possible arrangements.

All you need to do is find one which is true to your nature.

jan 17 2015

“Wauw”… I don’t speak french. 1.6 milion French in the street! Are we sure they’re not on strike? I don’t blame them, a twelve hour work month, that will push anyone. No really, it’s inspiring. To see millions of Parisiens taking time out of their mandatory month long vacation to participate… Look, we’re united behind France, but if we suddenly start shying away from moking the French with tired stereotypes, the terrorists win. And I will not let that happen.


nov 23 2014


Because memory is what we are, and I think that your very soul and your very reason…to be alive is tied up in memory. Original memories that define our lives and those memories that we spend for ever chasing after.

Those moments when the gears of the heart really change…
It could be some massive traumatic experience that happens. It could be some tiny moment, a fragment of a moment.

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