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The Sunny Side:
compassionate, creative, mystical, sensitive, romantic, dreamy
The Shadow Side:
escapist, lazy, self-indulgent, overwhelmed, impressionable
Personality Profile:
As the last of the twelve Zodiac signs, Pisces is said to contain aspects of them all. This makes the Pisces Sun so changeable as to appear not to have one singular identity. It’s as if they’re just touching down in this human reality, and light enough to try on a few personas.

Those with the Sun in Pisces can be so dreamy as to seem “somewhere else” half the time. They’re tuned into the spiritual side of things, and this gives them an otherworldly air. It can seem that they’re always sensing the emotional currents that run between people, as well as those connecting us to the great beyond.

The Pisces Sun leads with a compassionate heart, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Many are remarkably wise and self-sacrificing when it comes to helping the vulnerable or those down on their luck. But this noble trait can take them down a path of being used and abused before they learn to set strong boundaries.

This is the sign of the mystic poet, and a creative pursuit gives Pisces the motivation to be disciplined. And bringing structure to the vast imagination and shades of emotion flowing within the Pisces nature is a great achievement. Through art, they can bring a bit of heaven down to Earth for the benefit of everyone.

It’s important for Pisces Sun to find a sense of purpose to avoid just drifting. Their sensitivity makes them also a tad more vulnerable to escapism through addictions or personal dramas. Finding a sense of worth, self-definition and purpose seem to be some of their life lessons.

In romance, they fare well with a guiding hand-type that understands the liquid-y Piscean nature. Life with a Pisces means having a bridge to unseen worlds of the heart and imagination, and how could this be anything but awe-some.

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